Quality Persian Cats for Show .. simply the Best

Wallycats Persians is a PKD 1 NEGATIVE  CATTERY  by DNA Testing at UCS DAVIS in California, dedicated to breeding Healthy, Show Quality Solid and Particolor Cats. We are located in  beautiful Surrey, British Columbia, Canada 

It is our goal here at Wallycats to continue to breed Quality, Loving Healthy cats. 

We are registered with both CFA & TICA and can be found at sanctioned shows put on by both these wonderful organizations.We started showing in 2003 and have been regular exhibitors ever since.Cat Shows have brought us great friends and fun times!  We focus showing our cats in TICA but do support CFA also and are members of clubs in both organizations. Our Cats are competitive in both organizations. We love to celebrate the success of our friends as well as our own.

In keeping with our desire to breed quality Solid Persians. A wonderful home is the most important  thing for our cats. We focus on quality not quantity and have  very few litters each year.Preferring to place available kittens in loving pet homes or with trusted friends.  We adhere to the TICA Voluntary Responsible Breeder Programme. I am involved with Rescue as well.

The lines we are so lucky to work with in our solid breeding programme are Kenkat and Boberan .These lines include some wonderful  cats from Jadon and Marcus catteries in their pedigrees. We have now added lines from Yellicle Persians and Scrimshaw Persians and look forward to future breedings.

With many Thanks to the breeders before me , Wallycats is  pleased to announce that  for the 2015-2016 Show Season we had wonderful results and the greatest time! Our deepest gratitude goes to Leah Fowler of Kenkat Persians, she made this possible!

Wallycats is a closed cattery. We do not offer Stud service.


  contact us at   604-591-7335 or romara1@telus.net

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